Hunnid – Like That






Hunnid + Streetz + M.A.G. – Like That

Hunnid + Streetz + M.A.G. – Like That





Hunnid + Streetz + M.A.G. – Like That


Hunnid is an award-winning urban artist, songwriter, producer, and engineer with many accolades already under his belt. Continuously raising the bar higher for himself, the one-man army is on a devoted mission to be the voice for those who are often silenced.


Born and raised in Chicago by his single-parent mother, Kelvin Jacobs acquired the name ‘Hunnid’ when a friend from a different side of town discovered that Kelvin was from 118th S. Eggleston. This neighborhood was an area dogged by crime and poverty, referred to by many as ‘The Wild, Wild Hundreds’. From then on, his nickname stuck with him. It would become his identity when he went on to gain rapid recognition in high school. This recognition began when Kelvin started spitting epic freestyles over heavy beats created by peers who would pound their fist on the lunch table in a melodic manner. His flair for freestyling no doubt had a lot to do with his natural adeptness to write poetry, which once even led to a piece being published at only 10 years old.


Hunnid learned the importance of having a solid work ethic from a young age, by seeing how hard his mother worked to provide for him. His grandmother, who would play her records extremely loud majority of the time, exposed him to the power of music. It makes sense that those deep-rooted values and experiences would help form the imposing presence that Hunnid exuberates on stage, as well as his hard head for business.


Hunnid vows to remain independent. He prefers the ‘do-it-yourself’ approach, mixing and mastering all the music himself, running his own marketing campaigns, and doing his own finances and bookings. He stated that he would rather be 100% responsible for any successes or failures, than let his fate be in somebody else’s hands.


This has worked out well for Hunnid so far. His one-man method has won him awards and earned him multiple nominations, not to mention a string of other achievements.


Certainly, a hard act to follow, Hunnid solidifies himself in the game by stamping his own mark and presence on a scene that’s in need of a serious shake-up.


Bringing more artillery to his fight, Hunnid is also the founder of C.C.G. (Committed to Comradery and Growth) – a team of talented solo artists, each with their own unique vision. The group was created out of the brotherhood, transcending far beyond music.


Hunnid is currently in the process of recording and releasing some new singles from his upcoming EP. At the moment Hunnid is touring the country, leaving his mark on every single stage he comes across.















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