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Kali Ra – Sunset Boulevard


Kali Ra – Sunset Boulevard
Kali Ra – Sunset Boulevard
Kali Ra – Sunset Boulevard
Kali Ra is an Avant pop group originally from OKC but first started in Chicago. Their first gig was at Reggie’s Rock Club in Chicago (the CBGB’s of Chi-Town). Their music has been compared to David Bowie, Nick Cave, Depeche Mode, The Cure, Massive Attack, Prince, Killing Joke, The Polyphonic Spree, Philip Glass, Vivaldi, and Trent Reznor (depending on the song). The distinction comes from a focus on well-orchestrated songs with a focus on lyrics and vocals but through a filter of modern art.  The subject material can range from politics, religion, grief, and other nightmarish things to positive character stories and positive progressive messages. The live shows are grandiose – replete with glamour, energy, and enough personnel to consider it an orchestra. They’ve won awards for their music videos, released two full-albums, done national tours, opened for legendary acts (such as David J, Assemblage 23, Voltaire, etc.). The stylistic shift has moved from indie goth to orchestral pop and funk, as evident in their newly recorded album – The Monarch. It is set to drop in 2019.
Kali Ra will be giving people a taste of the upcoming full-length album, The Monarch, with this new single – titled, “Sunset Boulevard”.  It was recorded and produced by Grammy Award-winning producer Trent Bell. The music video was directed by Jonathan Shahan. The music video touches on the entertainment industry, gender-fluidity, and the current state of art…

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