Te-Verse – Blessings






Te-Verse – Blessings

Te-Verse – Blessings





Te-Verse – Blessings



Danville native Tevris “Te-Verse” Fitzgerald has released his debut album, NOT BY SIGHT on November 23, 2018.


He is locally known as a praise and worship leader, wedding singer, songwriter, and God-fearing young man.


Te-Verse released his first single, NO MORE on March 2, 2018, which peaked at #34 on the Gospel Billboard charts. NOT BY SIGHT was written by a group of amazing, seasoned writers which included Lincoln “Link”Browder, Charnel Allen, and Krazy Figz.


Te-Verse also accompanied and wrote a number of songs on his debut album as well. This collaboration projects songs with an inspirational and gospel vibe. The album offers strong vocals, innovative production and mastering, and lyrical talent.


NOT BY SIGHT is a collection of music that covers a variety of musical genres. The album includes music that gives Hip-Hop and R&B vibes as well as your contemporary gospel with your worship and even includes a hymn for the older crowd. All races, creeds, and backgrounds will enjoy the music and flavor of this album.


NOT BY SIGHT was made for young and old people. The mission is to positively impact the lives of every individual that listens to it and to draw people to Christ. Te-Verse wants people to know that it is fun to love Christ!










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