Brutus Begins - The Nothing Here





Brutus Begins - The Nothing Here

Brutus Begins – The Nothing Here





Brutus Begins – The Nothing Here


Brutus Begins is a project by Canadian psych-folk artist Ricardo Temporao. The Hamilton-based musician resamples and processes elements of nature, acoustic instruments, and synthesizers to create a sonic landscape that blurs the lines between the real and the reconstructed.   The songwriting and storytelling remain the heart of a world that mirrors our own – commenting on our vices, ambitions and ultimately our evolution.


Brutus Begins released “Uncanny Valley” to critical praise. It’s been described as “…a juggernaut of a debut”, “phenomenal”, “as addicting and inviting as a soma hit” and “…one of the most compelling and high-quality debuts we’ve heard in a decade”.


Canadian psych-folk project Brutus Begins teases their upcoming album release with 2 new tracks.  “The Nothing Here” and “Feed Me a Heart”. The music video for “The Nothing Here” is being featured in the Memphis Film and Video Festival.  They’ll follow up a southwestern Ontario shows with a month-long residency at Toronto’s Painted Lady in April of 2019.


“The Nothing Here” was featured on Global News and called an “undiscovered gem” by radio personality Alan Cross.  “Feed Me a Heart” is furthering Brutus Begins’ reputation for melodic songwriting enhanced with original samples and vivid arrangements.




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