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Deadbeat Blackout – Nemesis


Deadbeat Blackout - Nemesis
Deadbeat Blackout – Nemesis
Deadbeat Blackout – Nemesis
Deadbeat Blackout is an all-original heavy rock/metal band formed in 2017 in Olympia, WA. Taking various influences from rock and metal bands from the past and present, along with throwing in some punk and melodic touches for flavor, the result became Deadbeat Blackout’s brand of high energy music with no bullshit!
Deadbeat Blackout is also the combination of Hekate on vocals, Mike Uuereb on guitar, Craig Fredrickson on drums, and Chris Johnson on bass. This dynamic was started with Mike and Craig meeting in early 2017 and sharing a common vision of how they wanted to bring their music to the masses. Both had been in various music projects in the past but wanted this project to completely utilize and incorporate the talents and personalities of EVERYONE involved to shape the music and what the band would become.
After a long and exhausting search for the right guy to carry the bass load, they found the talented, hardworking Chris Johnson to deliver the bottom end that the band wanted and needed. Another long and exhausting search for the right vocalist continued until the stars and skies aligned and they met with the ultra-talented Hekate. Her high-energy personality, skilled vocal dynamics, and arduous work ethic were the perfect fit for the band. The music was written and shaped by all four very quickly and Deadbeat Blackout was born!
Today, Deadbeat Blackout has played various clubs and stages around the Puget Sound region, including Louie G’s Pizza, The Funhouse, The Skylark, Studio Seven, Erebus, The Substation, The Plaid Pig Live Music Lounge, The Anchor Pub, Tim’s Tavern, The Lucky Liquor, McCoy’s Tavern, Le Voyeur and the Bethel Saloon. Hekate’s high energy stage presence and vocal dynamics, along with the tight and talented musicianship of Mike, Craig, and Chris has brought them many friends and followers that have become a part of the ever-growing Deadbeat Blackout family, including one Tom Smith, who’s love, and support has become invaluable to them.
Deadbeat Blackout released their self-titled studio EP in July 2018 and also has a Live EP; “Live at The Skylark” recorded on April 7, 2018.  Deadbeat Blackout is planning for a full studio album to be recorded and released in early 2019. In the meantime and well into the future Deadbeat Blackout will stay busy with their signature live performances.
PLAY IT LOUD, BECAUSE WE DO! – This is not just a cheesy tagline. This is the philosophy of what Deadbeat Blackout stands for. Make your presence known in this world, and you will leave a mark on it. Crank it up to 11 and give it all you got! Love It, Live It, DIG IT!

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