Hyde Out – Talk to Me






Hyde Out – Talk to Me

Hyde Out – Talk to Me





Hyde Out – Talk to Me


Technicolour Ghost is the first album by Hyde Out, a duo from London, UK. The album was recorded over a period of 4 years. Mostly in a garden shed at night. As the garden tools and spiders made an exit and instruments and equipment slowly moved in when the sunset, the shed slowly evolved into a bonafide night-time recording studio. The song “Nights” catches that mood, as it talks of enjoying the cold London nights. The group members, Omar and Jaka, sing and play all instruments on the album. When they met 4 years ago in West London, they enjoyed strumming and singing together at parties. Then they started writing, just for fun. And then they ended up putting an album together. Again; mainly accidentally and just for fun. Musically they have very different backgrounds and tastes (it’s amazing they even get along), something which is reflected in the eclectic nature of their album. They like to think there’s a bit of everything in there… From chill acoustic tunes like “Nights” and “Bring on” to moody ballads like “Rain” and “Fluent in Silence”, and from British-rock songs like “Open Chain”, “Over This” and “Hollow” to harder pieces like “Passer-by”, “Times” and “Speed Up”. And then there’s “Talk to Me”, a catchy and fun rock song featuring beer bottles in the rhythm section and other improvised instruments.







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