Lonnie Harrington – A Desire Beyond






Lonnie Harrington - A Desire Beyond

Lonnie Harrington – A Desire Beyond






Lonnie Harrington – A Desire Beyond


Guitarist, percussionist, singer, songwriter Lonnie Harrington has been strumming, hitting, and singing his way throughout the eastern U.S. and eastern Canada for more than 45 years spanning many musical styles. As a leader and sideman he’s performed in diverse night club and concert venues such as SOB’s, The Blue Note, The Village Gate, Tramps, The Cornelia Street Café, The Shrine, Bostons’ Summerthing, and The Sugar Shack , Summerstage, Lincoln Center Out of Doors, Symphony Space, among others. From Rocker days in the early 70’s New York City, he went on to perform in several Boston based Soul/R&B bands from February 73 through September 76. Returning to NYC he was in on the birth of the World Beat scene, performing with one of the first bands to play at the now renowned SOBs. He led his own ensemble from 86 through 95 on the local scene and around the greater New York area. He continues to perform as a sideman with different ensembles based in New York City.


In 2008 he teamed up with singer/songwriter Ruben Gonzalez, performing in the greater New York Area as “Grooves of the Hemisphere”. He’s performed with Kandia Crazy Horse’s Cactus Rose, and was a guest on Martha Redbones’ album “Garden of Love”. Since 1992, he has sung with New York City based Native American Drum Groups such as the Drum Circle Singers, The Iron Feather Singers, and sits in regularly with the Red Thunder Bear Singers. His album Northern Tropicale and Other Romantic Illusions was released in September 2017. The music represents the many influences of genres he’s comfortable performing in.




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