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Melissa Collins – Don’t Give Up

Melissa Collins - Don't Give Up
Melissa Collins – Don’t Give Up
Melissa Collins – Don’t Give Up
Melissa’s EP, “Listen.” draws you in with her amazing voice. Filled with her inspiring melodies and passionate lyrics, her songs will feed your soul, leaving you yearning for more.



Discovering Melissa:
“I was out hearing some live music on Hollywood Blvd. There was this wonderfully powerful and deeply emotional voice. A truly great singer! This singer was Melissa Collins. There was a song that truly hit me!! At the end of the set, I asked what that particular song was. She said it was a song she had written called “THE HARD WAY” and that she had a deep connection to it. I asked to hear more and encouraged her to keep writing, writing, writing! We eventually went in and recorded a few songs. “The Hard Way” being the first… She continues to write extremely heartfelt, soulful, catchy and melodic songs. In my opinion, She Is The Real Deal!”



“Not giving up hope in the face of adversity” is the vein that runs through MELISSA COLLINS debut EP ‘Listen.’… What makes these songs so empowering is her ability to empathize without pity – Creating the feeling of rising above. This EP “Listen.” will lift you up high and carry you through.


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