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Damero. – 24/7

Damero. – 24/7






Damero. - 24/7
Damero. – 24/7





Damero. – 24/7


Damero. drops a groundbreaking, hip hop and energetic song entitled 24/7 accompanied by a simple lyric video.


24/7 is rich in rap lyrics and R&B flavouring hook vocals mixed with current hip-hop sound that can easily get a hip-hop fan engaged.


24/7 is a smooth and cheering song. 24/7 displays the competences of Damero. as a good rapper and entertainer.


The instrumentation is pleasing which adds more to the value of the song. The vocals are pure and the song is tuneful.


Stephanus Damero (Damero.) is a new rapper, born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia.


He grew up influenced by hip-hop/R&B songs. Damero. started as a typical hip-hop/R&B fanboy, but then one day he made his songs based on his life experience and learned to explain things through his bars and rhymes step by step.


With support from his family, friends, partners, and the people close to him, he dropped his first single titled 24/7.


24/7 is written by Damero. and produced by one of the best hip-hop/R&B producers in Indonesia –LICOGROUND; with his bright/cheerful colored beat.


To make the vibe of the song more contemplated, Bimo Kartiko as a video editor did a great work by creating the artwork and lyric video of  24/7; intended for the listeners to dig more and more on the song and the lyrics itself.


This song is a hip-hop love song on how you spend 24/7 with your loved ones and Damero. wrote this song based on his former relationships with his exes, he flipped the point of view so he looked back on those pleasures when he was still together with his exes, instead of writing sad words on breaking up with his former loved ones.


Damero. has featured on many hip-hop events in Jakarta such as IAM x Allday in Istora Senayan and Sound of the North in Garasi Agan, Koja and he got a great response from the audience.










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