Mak Aarons - 10Pm

Mak Aarons – 10Pm






Mak Aarons - 10Pm

Mak Aarons – 10Pm





Mak Aarons – 10Pm


Mak Aarons drops a theatrical music video for the memorable song entitled 10Pm. A confident vocalist with appealing vocals mixed with a lively pop tune that will draw audiences to the world of real pop tune that is rich of excitement.


The vocals are expressive while the lyrics are engaging with a not too common approach to pop music in terms of the style of singing. The production is top-notch, and the vocals are well harmonized with the instrumentation. Mak’s performance is extraordinary. One must give kudos to Mak for entertaining listeners with a special and melodic flow on a bouncy pop beat that will stay timeless.


Mak comes up with something original from the melodic tune of 10Pm to the delivery of the expressive verses are striking and excellent.


10Pm is a timeless song that listeners will never get bored while listening.

Broadtube Music Channel


Mak Aarons is a 22-year-old New Yorker born and raised with the influence of R&B, Pop with a hint of Alternative twist.


This singer, songwriter and producer has been working on his first release called 10 Pm. Aarons got the attention of new fans around the world after uploading his song. With this new sound he is embarking on a new set of rules dedicated to the past of the 80s with a monetized twist. His talent, teen-idol good looks and built-in fan base is gaining the attention of fans around the world. Be ready to listen to 10 Pm and have it on repeat.










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