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CrossFire – Drifting Ashore

CrossFire – Drifting Ashore






CrossFire - Drifting Ashore
CrossFire – Drifting Ashore




CrossFire – Drifting Ashore



CrossFire takes fans on a curious adventure with the release of their solid collection entitled ‘Drifting Ashore’ which consists of the narrative song ‘Buffalo’ followed by a vivid video.


CrossFire will entice all with their bright folkish and storytelling style that is just overly exceptional and striking.


The video for ‘Buffalo’ is exact for the song and so interesting.


One will see and tune in to the amazing duo without getting bored.


CrossFire is an Anglo-French indie folk band based in Brussels, Belgium – Self-made artists since 2015 made up of  Etienne Prieuret and Allison Mareek.


CrossFire’s album “Drifting Ashore” refers to travel, exploration and to a universe where musical genres mingle and merge.


With sounds bearing committed content and lyrics, the band pictures a troubled world in which the minorities’ problems and segregation take a very important part.


The single “Buffalo”, telling the tragic Native American tale, “Hard As They Try” singing through the voices of slaves in the south of the United States, summing it up with the electric and haunted cover of Bob Dylan’s “Masters Of War”.


The song “Empty Minds & Prayers” was written following the terror attacks on Paris and the world in 2015.


Besides that, “Drifting Ashore” is the story of meeting, an introspection on love, with its disappointments and pains, an ode to life itself through the quest of an elusive ideal.


“Buffalo” tells the tale of the oppressed people – of the conquest of their territories, the assimilation of their culture and traditions – sometimes leading to their complete annihilation.


With several references to the Natives, the lyrics to “Buffalo” open in different readings to the cycles of humanity.


Since the dawn of times and up to this day, the history of these conquered and sometimes disappeared minorities repeats itself.


The music video’s director, Julien Rodrigues, and his team represented their story through a metaphor – Plunging us at the heart of the tragedy applied to this family, living united and in harmony with nature.


The CrossFire then places itself, both as a witness and storyteller, among the ruins and remains of their existence.


CrossFire is a sound.


The sound of two voices, air and earth together, Allison Mareek’s eerie… and Etienne Prieuret’s raw and rugged depths.


The sound of two guitars, the lace of a Martin and the roughness of a Gibson – The sound of two elements that blend into each other with an ease so great it makes them one, a warm and wrapping sound that transports the listener to the folk, rock and blues horizons of Americana.


Allison Mareek, English songwriter for many artists was sought by French TV channel TF1 to sing the ending song to their movie “L’Emprise”, and Etienne Prieuret, a professional guitarist since the age of 16 and freshly returned from a European tour with American bluesman Keith B. Brown, has joined her on stage for a first concert.


The music could have stopped at this concert, but the alchemy was impossible to ignore –  And so, CrossFire was born in 2015.


Each one finds his own place naturally, Allison writes the lyrics and Etienne the music, and the original songs start to appear.


Four of them make the eponym EP released in 2016, mixed and mastered by Michael Harrison (Snarky Puppy) and Arnaud Bascuñana (Wampas, Deportivo).


In parallel, the concerts have multiplied, in France and abroad (Toronto, New York, Tangier…), and the songs of their first album start to appear.


This album, financed by an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign, was recorded in September 2017 with a dream team of musicians taking the duo’s musical universe one step further.














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