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Dam_Fino – Tall Tales

Dam_Fino – Tall Tales


Dam_Fino – Tall Tales
Dam_Fino – Tall Tales
Dam_Fino – Tall Tales
Dam_Fino will make rock fans fall in love with their recent smashing single entitled ‘Tall Tales.’
The stunning song is a pop-rock tune with a mix of groundbreaking male vocals blended with brilliant riffs based on an excellent production.
Tall Tales is the debut single from London / Sydney indie-rock duo Dam_Fino.
The band started in June 2018; after the pair bumped into each other on the other side of the world after years of weird coincidences.
Dam_Fino (pronounced dam-fee-no) are a smart rock duo that sprung onto the London scene….
While the band is London-based, Koby Geddes and Ardie Worsley both originate from Sydney, Australia, only knowing each other before reuniting in a bar on Portobello Road in 2017.
The duo produced the grit and force of a full rock band between two people.
The duo recorded and mixed the song between the band’s current home (Orpheus Studios, London) and hometown (Electric Sun, Sydney).
The song talks about the struggle of finding comfort in people who don’t always tell the truth.



“This rock duo kicks. Don’t believe us? Just click on the ‘play’ button. There you go. So? Right? Aren’t we right? From the first note, you can’t help but rock to the song, headbanging, pretending to hit that snare of our dreams.”



“Riffs that blow through the air and hooks that will grab you by the neck are the specialty of the two from Sydney, who currently reside in London. The legs are bobbing, you fidget and the bad mood is over. Tall Tales is the first song in a series of tracks, and we are looking forward to the next cracker. Listen in!”

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