Heidi Anne - I Ain't Spending Christmas Alone

Heidi Anne – I Ain’t Spending Christmas Alone






Heidi Anne - I Ain't Spending Christmas Alone

Heidi Anne – I Ain’t Spending Christmas Alone





Heidi Anne – I Ain’t Spending Christmas Alone


Heidi Anne releases an amazing and colourful video for the hit song entitled ‘I Ain’t Spending Christmas Alone’.


‘I ain’t Spending Christmas alone’ by Heidi Anne is a brand Christmas and romantic song.


Heidi Anne is a brilliant vocalist with great vocals that is pleasing.


The video of ‘I Ain’t Spending Christmas Alone’ is full of simplicity and colourful scenes.



Heidi Anne is a professional singer that sings from the heart.


‘I Ain’t Spending Christmas Alone’ is melodic and fascinating enough to entice music fans.



Gorgeous appearances and outfit of Heidi add to the value of the video.


Real melody of the song emanates from the symphonic vocals of Heidi.



She is a gifted singer.


‘I Ain’t Spending Christmas Alone’ is an R&B pop ballad that details the twist in waiting for the one you love with Christmas.



The video is exact in unfolding the theme of the song to the audience.

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The story is on a lonesome girl on Christmas, standing by for her boyfriend to come back home, which he does at the end.

She counts the days whilst singing in the snow and visiting grottos.




Heidi Anne Burford known as Heidi Anne is a professional singer-songwriter and performer.


One can describe Heidi’s voice as powerful and pure because most people compare her to notable artists: Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera and Toni Braxton.


Heidi has been alongside stars such as Lil Wayne, T-Pain and Rick Ross who featured on her release ‘When The Sun Comes Up’ in 2012.



She featured as a vocalist on tour with Rick Ross.


She toured the UK with The Bassheads and Mark Breeze on Clubland live tours.


She is now performing whilst working on her own album with producer George Stapel.














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