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Joy Lynn – Like Christmas

Joy Lynn – Like Christmas






Joy Lynn - Like Christmas
Joy Lynn – Like Christmas





Joy Lynn – Like Christmas


Joy Lynn will entice music fans with her melodic and pleasant voice as she sings a folkish song in a way so entertaining.


Lynn sings from the soul with the realness in her song.


Her story telling and smooth style distinguish her as one of a kind.

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Inspiring a sense of peace, Joy Lynn illuminates issues of the heart and mind with her warm, organic sound.


Hailing from the East Coast, grounded in indie roots and influenced by the likes of Bing Crosby, with his intimate, relaxed style of singing.


As a writer, she enjoys combining atmospheric storytelling with lush vocals that carry a subtle cinematic flair.


After her official debut in 2018, Joy Lynn’s second release, “Shadow of Mine” received recognition from Fresh On The Net, run by Tom Robinson (BBC 6 Introducing)…


Joy Lynn’s most recent release “Like Christmas” is a mellow, acoustic air to the people that mean the most in our lives.


She wrote this song in 2015 while visiting family in London.


She thought of the special people in her life during the time her Father-in-law was in the hospital.


It is a song she hopes will speak to anyone that listens…


Her travels and diverse cultural interests have encouraged experimentation with different musical styles.


She collaborates with her English counterpart in their indie-electronic duo, MEVANON, and continues to find new ways of expression.






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