Sannie Fox – My Soul Got Stranger

Sannie Fox – My Soul Got Stranger






Sannie Fox - My Soul Got Stranger

Sannie Fox – My Soul Got Stranger





Sannie Fox – My Soul Got Stranger


Sannie Fox is an iconic singer that will create timeless songs for those who know and value original composition and sound.



She has a compelling vocal that will make fans of Sade fall in love with her performance. Her songwriting skills and arrangements are outstanding. The instruments put together are appealing and entertaining. Fox proves to us that original music is nevertheless alive.


Fox will be an idol on a live stage because one will not be disappointed to see her sing these melodic and timeless song live.


‘My Soul Got Stranger’ is an eclectic collection and the sum of thirteen tracks including two bonus tracks which cross genres of psych rock, blues, soul and Elizabethan folk.



It is retro.



And modern at the same time.



Sannie Fox wrote the songs over many years and played the melodic instruments (guitars, synths, keys vocals) and wrote the lyrics and arrangements.



Inspired by artists such as Kate Bush, David Bowie, Sade and Malian desert blues and Portuguese folk music, John Lee Hooker, Etta James in penning these songs.



The album is a journey with sonic changes, from the heart and with deep love and attention to detail.



The songs elaborate on loss.



And people parting from one another.



But the songs are not sad.



With a voracious voice and fingers to her electric guitar, Sannie Fox sways across an evolving sonic tapestry of desert blues, soul and psychedelic rock sounds.



Fox has released two solo albums- Serpente Masjien (SAMA nominated) and My Soul Got Stranger.



She has released a self-titled debut album through her band, Machineri featuring the songs, “Big Bad Machine” and “The Searchers” and the album artwork created by Storm Thorgerson (Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin).



London and Cape Town based Sannie is a mix of Portuguese, Afrikaans and English nationality.



Three years after the release of her debut solo album, Sannie Fox’s My Soul Got Stranger is a calculated evolution from her blues sound.



Incorporating elements of psychedelia (“Vibra Snake”), gritty soul (“Sorrow”) and folk (“Me and the Man”), the singer-songwriter embraces compositional complexity—multiple-part vocals, keyboards and synthesizers—resulting in new sonic flourishes., Fox revels in her ballads, dealing with themes of desertion, general heartache and how you need to realise when it’s time…



Expansion of her musical arsenal underlines My Soul Got Stranger’s unique ebb and flow.

















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