Choosing a Band Name

Choosing a Band Name or Artist Name



Choosing a Band Name or Artist Name

Choosing a Band Name or Artist Name


As artists need to copyright their works, the same applies to trademark their names in this digital world that success on the internet requires search engine optimization.


There are several legal claims on two artists bearing the same artist name.


Prevention is better than cure.


It is better to choose the right name to avoid any legal case.


Let us say there is someone by the name Michael and he is aspiring to be a pop star.


It is advisable for the person to choose another name because his real name is Michael does not mean he can use the name as his artist name – If another artist has the right to the name, so the name is not available as an artist name despite he is bearing the name from birth.


Two artists cannot be using the same artist name without trouble.


Because the artist name will display on streaming and social media platforms.


Misrepresentation may arise if we have two artists bearing the same artist name.


If a promoter wants to book Taylor, and we have two artists bearing Taylor, the promoter might book the wrong artist.


This is the main reason artists do not play with names.


Be sure you are the only one bearing the band name or artist name you are using.


Let us say you have been using Jack the Rapper as your artist name.


You have spent much money trying to brand your name.


You need to justify that you trademark the name in case another artist comes up to claim your artist name.


Choosing an existing artist name will affect your brand and trying to market yourself using another name later to your fans might cost you much.


You will wonder how an artist will choose the same name with another artist but no one is perfect and choosing names can be challenging.


If you are trying to choose a name for a company by guessing, you might not get it right at the first-six attempts.


In fact, it’s not an issue of perfection, choose five to six names and try to check the names on search engines to see if the names are not in use by other artists.


Choose the name you cannot find three to five times on the first page of any web search engine.


Avoid using punctuation marks, capital letters and long words while selecting an artist name.


Make it unique, short and easy to pronounce.


Use of punctuation marks, capital letters and long words might affect the search engine optimization.


Choose an artist name that no other artist is bearing and be sure no one has trademarked the name.


Avoid using too short words because the possibility of another artist using the name is possible.


Use a search engine to research your name and make sure to the best of your knowledge you are the only person bearing the artist name.


If you are in a band, try to avoid using your personal name in case you will break up with the band.


So you won’t have problem switching to your real by the time you want to go solo.


There is a need for you to trademark your name so that another person might not use the name after choosing your artist name.


Artist’s name is so important because it will appear in everything involving the artist.


If you choose the wrong name that means you are playing with your music career.


Picking the wrong name can result to setback and loss of revenue.


Because when the case arises, you might need to remove your work associated with that name and start over again.


Most artists choose name doing no research on the names or do not even bothered to trademark the names.


Most artists are not even aware of what it might cause to their music careers.


Try to research your artist name online.


Educate yourself on copyright.


Independent artists need to be more careful as well because of the limited fund so choosing a wrong artist name or band name can result to damages.


It is never too late to research on your artist name using a search engine after the choice.


Drop the artist name once you realize someone is bearing the same artist name before it’s too late. If you are lucky, you get it right then try to trademark your name so you can claim the name.


Choose a unique name, not too short, not too long, easy to pronounce and make sure you are the only one using the artist name.


United States Patent and Trademark Office


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