Olena Shostko - August Kiss

Olena Shostko – August Kiss






Olena Shostko - August Kiss

Olena Shostko – August Kiss





Olena Shostko – August Kiss


Olena Shostko impresses with her artistic and extraordinary music that emulates from an instrument based on her exceptional skills.


If you are searching for a musical treat for relaxation, then Olena Shostko will take you on that treat with her outstanding instrumental.

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Olena Shostko was born in Kharkiv, Ukraine.


She played fortepiano and almost at once she composed the music of her own at six-year-old.



Olena got a music college diploma with honors in piano and she was a teacher at a music school for a while. Later she became the professional lawyer, but the music has always been her companion.


For many years Olena has played her compositions for a private audience of relatives and friends.



They often noted that her music was much better than some soundtracks for films or the music broadcast on radio or TV…


Only many years later did she dare to share her inner life to the wider audience.


In 2015 Olena Shostko recorded her romantic and sensual CD album ‘Untold’ that comprises six compositions: Enlightenment, My Secret, August Kiss, Dreams of you, Goodbye Dance, Untold.



Borys Sevastyanov, an Ukrainian musician from Kharkiv took care of the arrangement of the compositions.


“The songs included into the album are being my own feelings, emotions, and experience,” says Olena.



“When I miss words, my music is speaking. I have realized that I need to share the gift hidden for a long time,”.



The pianist also adds:

“ I would not have been able to write music without God’s blessing.


As music comes out on its own when I am playing.”


Olena Shostko released her first CD in 2018, recorded by the National Radio Company of Ukraine.


Performers: Ensemble of Symphony Orchestra of the National Radio Company of Ukraine,


Conductor: Volodymyr Sheiko.




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