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KAYAM – Ground






KAYAM – Ground
KAYAM – Ground






Duo KAYAM releases a spectacular video that is exceptional.


Harmony between the first’s opening verse with a smooth male voice and the supporting female voice is excellent.


‘Ground’ is a hit song detailing the vocals of the brother/ sister duo KAYAM.


It is melodic and pleasing to the ears.


The duo is entertaining to see if one is to look at their impressive performance of the song and the stunning video.


The display of captivating dance moves across the street in the video is noteworthy.

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The song has been enjoying an amazing success.


Featuring in the Spotify Germany Viral 50 tracks for multiple weeks is part of the success.


Interwoven lyrics and a catchy hook go with this pleasant and lively one-take video.


KAYAM is the musical duo of siblings Kim and Mike Rauss, performing what they label Falafel Pop – a near obsession for chickpeas and much love.


The brother and sister had a cross-cultural upbringing living at various stages in England, Germany and Israel and the wanderlust they experienced in their early years which has left an impression on their approach to music making and live performance.


Kim sings and plays the Celtic Harp, Mike plays guitar, sings and builds the loops with guitar percussion and the occasional beat boxing.


KAYAM’s songs are atmospheric and compelling offering room for improvisation on stage and a poised studio approach that makes their songs stick out.


“Midnight” is the first song from their upcoming debut album and is a great introduction to KAYAM’s artistic and genuine sound.


“Ground” is the second song from their upcoming debut album and is a proof that the duo is here to entertain fans with memorable songs.
















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