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Peter Luts – I Will Make It

Peter Luts – I Will Make It
Peter Luts – I Will Make It
At 12, Peter got a small organ and experimented with music and melodies. Not long after he bought his first synthesizer, that he was eager to compose his own tracks.
In the search for opportunities to share his passion and music with the audience, he got involved in several bands. But soon he realized that producing and composing music on his own would give him the creative freedom he needed.
Influenced by such artists as Depeche Mode and Jean Michel Jarre, Peter made dance music and dropped his first release titled “Heliac – The Candle”.
Since his change of hearts to dance music, Peter has brought us many projects and hits. You know him from successful groups like Lasgo, Ian Van Dahl, and AnnaGrace.
You have danced on his club-projects like Groovewatchers, Nu Gen, Heliac, and the records under his own name. All these successes prove that Peter has one very distinct talent: the feeling for charts and for what the audience wants to hear.
The best proof is the international success of his hit “The Rain” that reached the charts in Spain, France, Switzerland, Poland, The Netherlands, and even Mexico. No wonder Axwell, Technotronic, Yoav, Zornik, Praga Khan, Roachford, Dizkodude, Angelissa, and many others trusted Peter to remix their tracks.
On top of being a world-class producer, Peter also is a well-known and very demanded DJ. He travels the world to enchant audiences with his magic blends of music and beats. He chooses to DJ house and progressive house.
Almost every weekend, you hear Peter mixing tracks in clubs like Pacha (Spain), Loft (Paris, France), MAD (Lausanne, Switzerland), or even the prestigious club Amnesia in Miami (USA).
Those who aren’t keen on visiting clubs every weekend can hear Peter’s DJ talent weekly on the Belgian radio station MNM and NRJ and many other stations from France, Denmark, UK to the USA.
Peter Luts plans on surprising us for many years to come as a producer of tracks that will stay in our memories for a long time, or as headlining DJ of the many parties and festivals to come.
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