Mouse – Escape






Mouse – Escape

Mouse – Escape





Mouse surprises fans with her smashing hit titled ‘Escape’. She is a skilled artist with compelling vocals that will draw you to her style of pop.


Mouse will place one in anxiety with her melodic tune while she sings with assurance.


‘Escape’ will let you have a second opinion on pop tune.


Her vocals are genuine while the bouncy beats add flavour to the song.


Mouse will establish a new identity in the music industry with this outstanding track.


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An earworm with animalistic intent, ‘Madonna’s ‘Like A Virgin’ is the inspiration behind ‘Escape’.


The song elaborates on the wish to make someone you’ve just met good as they look.


Think boys have the whole control?  Mouse changes the rules of the pickup game with an anthemic new single ‘Escape’.


The rising Bristol-based but Scottish-raised pop star has a story to tell, whether it’s being performed on academy stages, tiny pubs or supporting Dua Lipa.


Having written songs since the age of eight, there’s a charming virtue, refreshing honesty that glitters through her lyrics, and often tackling issues in a way that no other can.


Make no mistake though; she has foresight and understanding beyond her years and short stature.








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