Broadtube Music ChannelAlex Iva featuring Dominic – Let’s Try

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Alex Iva featuring Dominic - Let's Try
Alex Iva featuring Dominic – Let’s Try





Alex Iva featuring Dominic – Let’s Try


Alex Iva turns the vocals of the male singer called Dominic to a hit record in a song entitled ‘Let’s Try’ with his powerful production.


‘Let’s Try’ unravels the production skills of Alex Iva. The arrangement between the vocal and the instrumentation is impeccable.


‘Let’s Try’ is a mix of a male vocal with a pop dance tune that is so entertaining.


Vocal is pure, original and raw while the instrumentation adds much flavour to bring the best out of the song.


Songwriting is so excellent to make ‘Let’s Try’ a hit song.

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Alex Iva is a DJ and producer; he produces Dance, Electronic Pop and House music.


Alex Iva’ s debut single entitled ‘Tell Me’ received worldwide support from world-famous artist “SIGALA”.


Alex Iva features Los Angeles based artist Dominic in the brand new single ‘Let’s Try’.








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