Dead Defined – Unwholey






Dead Defined – Unwholey

Dead Defined – Unwholey





Dead Defined thrives to stand at a crossroads between anthemic hard rock infectiousness and thought-provoking charged industrial pop.



Think a cross between the mind-numbing musical malevolence of American super group Filter and Alice in Chains’ timeless irresistibility, and you’re halfway there.



Dead Defined is the project of singer/songwriter Craig Ewan (ex-Shadows in Red) and earlier driving force of Toronto hard rock band Waveline, Dead Defined’s sophomore single Unwholey is metallic industrial rock evolution in its simplest form.





Industrial rock ain’t dead!


“Dead Defined are putting a modern spin on the genre, and evoking the spirit of Stabbing Westward, Depeche Mode and Econoline Crush.”

Soundsphere Magazine – Hull, United Kingdom (England)


“Unwholey” is the sophomore single release for the Industrial/Pop/Rock group ‘Dead Defined’.


Singer/Songwriter Craig Ewan is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


‘Dead Defined’ and their debut single ‘I Fear Nothing’ (released March.20.2018) has found radio play in Canada, USA, Germany, Australia, Spain, United Kingdom and the Netherlands.


The independent rock band’s debut single reached over 50,000 views via YouTube in just nine months and thousands of streams via Spotify, SoundCloud, Google Play and Apple Music.


“Unwholey” is a play on words and is best illustrated through the chorus of the song.


“Hollow, I’ve never felt so alone, but now you’re here, I’m so lonely in here, I’m so lonely in here, I’m Unwholey, I’m so lonely in here.”


Unexpected passing of Craig’s dad on May 21.2018 led to set pen on paper for this song.








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  1. Craig Ewan

    January 20, 2019 at 7:22 pm

    Thank you so much for the post! Rock on!


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