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Phileas Fogg






Phileas Fogg - Will Never Be Played Again
Phileas Fogg – Will Never Be Played Again




Asi Binyamini known as Phileas Fogg drops a notable song entitled ‘Will Never Be Played Again’.


Song is a fusion of Phileas’s raw vocals with a chill beat.


Few seconds to the song will drive listeners into a fascinating and cool instrumentation.


London based musician Phileas adds feel to the song with his pure vocals.


His style is creative and inviting.


– Broadtube Music Channel


We can only describe Phileas Fogg as a collection of multi personalities combined into one human being struggling through life and instruments whilst embracing childhood sound memories as his only saviour.


Phileas insists on analogue in this day and age where the digital is ruling this world…


He tries to create melodies that are different within a tiny 1.5m by 1.5m room filled in with musical instruments only…


‘It happens occasionally where I lock myself in that room and I can only leave when a track is complete’ said Phileas.


Asi is a Jack of all trades that takes control of instruments, production, writing and mixing.


Phileas Fogg used no artificial VST or any plugging or auto to create any of his tracks.


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