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Johnny Good – Freak For You






Johnny Good + Julez Flavour + JUWN - Freak For You
Johnny Good + Julez Flavour + JUWN – Freak For You





Rhythm of the song is strong and appealing.


Arrangement of the instrumentation is noteworthy.


Vocal fits well in harmony with the instrumentation.


Song is catchy and entertaining.


Performance is excellent, and the vocal is compelling.


Song will entice listeners because of the quality of the production and melody.


‘Freak For You’ is a teamwork of Johnny Good, DJ Julez Flavour and JUWN.


JUWN hits the instrumentation with his raw vocals.


Johnny Good is the magician behind the mixing while the perfectionist taking care of the mastering is Julez Flavour.


This incredible team work gives the birth to the melodic and entertaining song.


‘Freak For You’ is a blend of a male vocal with a chill dancehall beat while the style is rhythm and blues.


Song is memorable.


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