Weal – Melt






Weal – Melt

Weal – Melt





Artist: Weal


EP Title: Melt


Release date: 25th of January 2019


Label: Homedale Music


Band Members –

Peter Thielst Jessen: Vocal & Guitar


Martin Niedziella Nørgaard: Guitar


Peter Forsberg Granhøj Nygaard: Drums


Stephan Niedziella Nørgaard: Bass



Weal drops the new EP entitled ‘Melt’.


This musical work is rich of heavy sounds and raw vocals.


‘Melt’ features remarkable four songs entitled ‘Hanging Low’, ‘Weak Days’ ‘Night Drive’ and ‘Stay Up Late’.




‘Night Drive’ comes with a simple video and features the female vocalist by the name Tanja Simonsen.


Tanja adds the salt to the soup of ‘Night Drive’ with her angelic vocals.


Fans looking for original music will find Weal very interesting.


Genuineness in Weal’s sound and performance makes the band unique from the rest.


We will be glad to enjoy more of these songs from Weal.


– Broadtube Music Channel



Weal is Copenhagen based alternative rock band formed in 2016 by good people from the Danish alternative scene.


After the debut First Of All (2017) and Dive In (2018) – Danish alternative rockers Weal are now ready with Melt (2019) their third EP release in only two years–and this one is a tasty 18 minutes snack!


With noisy and reverbed guitars in the front, deep male vocals and melancholy lyrics – Weal now has a sound that lies even some distance from the indie rock sound that the debut offered.


Weal gets a visit from lovely Tanja Simonsen (Superheroes, Private, ONBC), – which on the dark, rocking breakup duet Night Drive makes it all melt into a higher unit with her angelic voice.


Melt is mixed and produced by Peter Thielst Jessen and published by Homedale Music.


Compared to earlier releases there is more depth to the sound – now that the gloom, and the alternative is being cultivated.


Still, with solid songwriting and strong melodies as a red thread through the four-course menu offered on Melt.











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