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BEX – Clean Break






BEX – Clean Break
BEX – Clean Break





The strong point of her song lies in her heavenly voice.


BEX’s performance will amaze the listeners.


She sings from the heart.


Her vocal is genuine and pleasing.

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BEX drops debut album, blending alt-pop, rock and blues.


Sink Or Swim is the first album by Boston-based singer-songwriter BEX.


She recorded the EP at Plaid Dog Studio in Allston, and local radio stations are already playing the songs.


With a moody, soulful sound and brazen lyrics dripping with a jaded brand of wisdom, Sink Or Swim blends alternative pop/rock with a heavy dose of blues.


While the songs vary in tone, they explore the concept of survival — digging into such challenges as toxic love, a crippling fixation on the past, and resistance to change.


The overall vibe is dark — with a light at the end of the tunnel.


“At its core, this album is about our internal struggle to break the destructive habits and unhealthy patterns we find ourselves trapped in,” says BEX.


“It’s about that critical moment at which we must decide to sink or swim.”


BEX is a 2017 M.F.A. graduate of The Boston Conservatory at Berklee, and a former journalist.


Her influences include Lissie, Banks, Hozier, Bishop Briggs, and Stevie Nicks.



Besides writing the songs on Sink Or Swim, BEX performed both piano and vocals.


BEX is a Boston-based singer-songwriter, whose music spans multiple genres, including alternative pop-rock and R&B with a heavy dose of blues.


Her debut album, Sink or Swim, is releasing January 25, 2019.


Before recording her EP, she attended The Boston Conservatory at Berklee, where she received her M.F.A.


Beyond singing and songwriting, BEX is a full-time freelance journalist who has contributed to HuffPost, Elite Daily, and U.S. News.


She is a UFC-trained kickboxer.










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