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Alex Dutty – Imagine


Alex Dutty – Imagine
Alex Dutty – Imagine
Alex Dutty drops a hit song entitled ‘Imagine’.
‘Imagine’ comes with a top-notch video that is captivating.
We will describe Alex Dutty as the Rakim of gimmick rap.
His flow of words is remarkable.
He is a lyrical rap genius.
Consistency in his performance proves he is a great rapper.
He is a high-powered rapper with a strong vocal.
–        Broadtube Music Channel



A London rap, Indie rock, and Toronto influenced production mash-up with subtle elements of reggae, afrobeat, and grime yet not one song is out of the genre.
—A perfect blend of multicultural and current influences to London Youth Culture.
For the uninitiated, the London-based rapper has garnered support slots with the likes of Kano, Ghetts, Wiley, and Bashy.
When he wasn’t opening shows for grime royalty, Alex was trawling up and down the country selling his Mixtapes, ‘Dutty Mouth’ volumes 1, 2, 3.
The buzz of the support slots and his DIY work ethic saw the rapper sell 60,000 copies of his Mixtapes, earning him a nomination at the coveted Official Mixtape Awards two years running.
Aside from his gritty determination to succeed, what sets Alex apart from other rappers is his ability to entertain the listener whilst remaining honest.
Choosing to shy away from the stereotypical ‘guns, drugs, money and hoes’ content, the rapper delivers candid and relatable accounts of his deprived childhood.
The artist touts himself as a mouthpiece for people that grew up in broken homes who battle financial issues, self-doubt, and hardships…
Also a producer and engineer, Alex has been busy completing his debut album ‘Knock Down Ginger’ for the last 5 years.
The album takes its name from the popular kids’ game he grew up playing as he moved house from hostel to hostel during a childhood …
‘Knock Down Ginger’ comprises honest, strong, and sometimes controversial songs, including lead single ‘Emoji’ which tackles love, break-ups, and social media.
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