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KAHLLA – Small






KAHLLA – Small
KAHLLA – Small






London based artist KAHLLA drops a striking song entitled ‘Small’.


KAHLLA impresses fans with an influential vocal that makes ‘Small’ pleasant.


Musical arrangement of the song seems simple but the power of her vocal enhances the song.


KAHLLA is no doubt a gifted artist that will keep dropping hits after hits.


The listeners will delight in listening to her songs.


KAHLA is a blameless vocalist.


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The German native’s second offering is a slice of personal indie pop, bringing a bare-all lyricism to a genre that’s still trying to play tough.


The multi-layered vocals and mellow piano take center stage on ‘Small’ – while the drum machine led groove and classically inspired sound scapes unite the incompatible on this atmosphere-laden track.


This contrast goes hand in hand with having the feeling of being torn – that Kahlla, known as Freya Volk, describes in ‘Small’.


“I wrote it about trying to be confident in your own judgements and abilities while someone you love is doubting you.


Sometimes the people around us, who are supposed to make us feel invincible, also have the power to do just the opposite: make us feel inadequate.”


A co-production between Kahlla and Paul Stanborough, ‘Small’ follows on from her debut ‘Come With Me’, which received previous support from Amazing Radio, BBC Introducing The South (Track of the Day) and various blogs.



The first of a series of three singles with accompanying visuals that would be released this year.



‘Small’ is a dreamy first listen at what 2019 has in store for Kahlla.



German artist and songwriter Kahlla, was born in Amsterdam and raised somewhere in the no-man’s-land of South West Germany as one of five sisters to a musical family.


Based in London now she merges her classical upbringing with dreamy sound scapes, electronic drum grooves and layered vocals to create intimate and vulnerable pop songs.


Inspired by years of writing poetry, Kahlla’s descriptive style and ‘bare-all’ lyricism will throw the listener’s head first into her world.



Every song is like a little photo book comprising memories passed.


Kahlla with a similar mindset arranges her experiences into musical collages that reflect on mental health, 21st century confusion and imperfect love…


Backdrop of these collages is built from the musical puzzle pieces of her life: after being classically trained from the age of five, she fronted a pop punk band during her teenage years and went to as many rock shows as possible.


Early ambiguous experiences resulted in an eclectic mix of influences contributing to her music today, reaching from Schumann to Jimmy Eat World to contemporary female trailblazers like Lapsley, Phoebe Bridgers and IDER.


Kahlla’s interest in fashion, tattoo culture and art grew – which means every aspect of her song’s visual journey involved her:


‘I often find myself planning concepts, artwork and videos before I’ve even finished writing the songs’.


Either way – at the end of these musical journeys, inspired piano, electronic synth and guitars harmonized with a crystal clear voice to craft Kahlla’s own version of indie pop.


Her vulnerable lyricism that sets her apart from her contemporaries: the voice describing the pictures in her photo book is clear, full of vivid imagery, yet blunt and distinctly her own.


‘Come With Me’ already received support from Amazing Radio, BBC Introducing The South (Track of the Day) and various blogs, earning her comparisons to the likes of Meadowlark and The Japanese House, Kahlla releases her new single ‘Small’.












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