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Mike Nisbet – Bucket Of Blood






Mike Nisbet - Bucket Of Blood
Mike Nisbet – Bucket Of Blood





Mike Nisbel drops a notable song entitled ‘Bucket of Blood’.


Bucket of Blood is a mix of Mike’s vocal with a folkish sound.


His pure vocals enrich the song.


This song is overwhelming.


–        Broadtube Music Channel


Following up from the success of ‘Ballhaus’, Mike Nisbet releases his new single, Bucket of Blood’ which sees the Scotsman continue in a new and darker direction.


Mike has spent most of his 20s travelling, performing, getting by with stints in Berlin, Bristol, Glasgow and London, working in kitchens, cafes, on the dole, while mining music and using creativity to connect and escape – A means to tell stories, of the struggles and strife.


Conjuring sonically ghosts of those gone before, Dylan, Cave, Guthrie, Mitchell; Mike Nisbet stands as a songwriter who has studied and learned from the masters.


Now telling his own story, in his own voice, his own language is creating a unique space and story.


Mike has spent time in bars across Europe, talking till the small hours, listen to tales in the Nuremberg, joining the chorus in The Scottish Highlands folk clubs, and drinking the bars dry in The Netherlands…












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