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Project Blackbird – Same Heart






Project Blackbird – Same Heart
Project Blackbird – Same Heart





Project Blackbird drops a striking song entitled ‘Same Heart’ from their latest album.


Listeners will enjoy the fascinating songs in the album.


Approach of Project Blackbird to music is extraordinary.


Latest album entitled ‘Endurance’ is a mix of pleasant sounds, spoken words and soulful vocals.


‘Endurance’ is a work to enjoy.


– Broadtube Music Channel


Project Blackbird is an international collective of four UK-based musicians: vocalist Ming Nagel (USA), guitarist Thure Gade Johansen (DK), drummer Styx, and multi-instrumentalist Jon Read, who is the former trumpet player for The Specials and has performed with many other ska and reggae legends.


Their debut album Endurance (released in autumn 2018) is a compelling sound scape that defies the constraints of genre or convention.


Instrumentals, spoken word, and lyrical eloquence conspire to create a cinematic listening experience.


As one fan suggests:

“Imagine a party at Ronnie Scott’s where Sade, Björk, Jeff Beck, and David Byrne meet Portishead and then go for a late night curry to exchange ideas… sublime”.


“Same Heart” is the first song the band wrote for Endurance, and they trialled it live when supporting The South at various UK theatre dates in 2017.


Since then, it has evolved into a sophisticated, hypnotic slice of chill-out pop whose seductive sound belies a narrative that cuts to the core of contemporary humanity and “connection”.


“Sometimes I come across an album that I can’t stop listening to. Endurance is one of those albums….Project Blackbird’s grafted masterpiece could equally be at home on a Pink Floyd collector’s turntable or found in the midst of a Miles Davis fan’s collection.


I’m not sure which tune is my favourite, because that changes from day to day.


I simply can’t get myself to click the shuffle button, because I want to hear Endurance from its emotionally charged head to head guitar/trumpet piece ‘Aurora Borealis’ beginning to the very last note of ‘Blackbird’ over and over again”

– The Starved Peasant


“An intelligent and enriching album”

– RnR Magazine


“A masterpiece of musical invention and cleverly crafted Pop of an intelligent, calm and yet emotionally affecting kind. Evidence beyond all reasonable doubt that Project Blackbird are a band the world needs to know about”

– Trust-the-Doc














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