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Lydia Briggs – Down







Lydia Briggs – Down
Lydia Briggs – Down





Fifteen-year-old singer and songwriter Lydia Briggs impacts fans with her remarkable song entitled ‘Down.’


The incredible performance of this young talented singer will put the audience in a dilemma.


Lydia sings like a professional singer.


Lydia will thrill listeners with her angelic voice.


Her performance is credible.


We look forward to hearing more hit songs from Lydia Briggs.


– Broadtube Music Channel


Cleveland-based singer/songwriter makes her label debut with her powerful single ‘Down’.


This 15-year-old musician’s work is rich of pure voice; jazz-influenced piano; and thoughtful orchestration.



Reflecting her idol, Regina Spektor, Briggs’ brain-voice connection runs from her fingers to her heart – singing and playing the piano as one entity.



The world in words captured by Briggs creates vivid stories based on personal experiences.



Her voice warns of cruelty and oppression in “Down”…



These moments point to an artist wise beyond her years.



Born and raised a mile from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Lydia Briggs has been playing piano non-stop since the age of 5.


From the start, she created her and held performances for schoolyard friends.


At 13, she wrote her own material.


At 14, she filed for her first business, Gin House Records.


She copyrighted her songs, and at 15 walked into the studio to record with legendary producer, Jim Wirt.










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