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Virginia Marcs – I Need You

Virginia Marcs – I Need You
Virginia Marcs – I Need You
Singer-songwriter Virginia Marcs drops her first music video for her single, ‘I Need You’.
Virginia is a brilliant vocalist that sings from the heart.
Her vocals are pure.
The audience will enjoy watching Virginia Marcs.
– Broadtube Music Channel


Out of melancholic trappings arises Virginia’s uplifting and triumphant story of learning to love herself and accept love through forgiveness.
The scene opens with two friends setting up what appears to be a low-budget performance video in a basement.
As Virginia strums her guitar, the screen goes dark, leaving her silhouette to breathe out lyrics against a smoke-filled background.
I’ve been trapped in the past, searching through memories, searching for truth…” – Virginia.
Virginia brought her words to life with excerpts from childhood home videos juxtaposed amidst a fantastical other-world of stars, storm clouds, and mystery.
The sparse opening vignette bookends the real-life footage, which offers an intimate glimpse into the singer’s life, relationships, and personality as Virginia’s usual polished sound takes a backseat to a scorching vulnerability, whispered over dusty verses.
Driving pop-punk choruses usher in Marcs’ signature vocals which soar over the final, joyous reprises, and break away from the wistful nostalgia of the verses.
The final series of shots, old letters are thrown in the air, rebellious dancing, and hugs shared with friends and family, usher in an ending that leaves the viewer with a sense of refreshing optimism.
On the journey of “I Need You” and what it means to her, Virginia reveals –
you know, for years, I allowed the traumas of my life to define me.
I thought I was damaged goods and resentfully believed I was helpless to change that.
I look at the incredible friendships and love I have in my life now and I see that everything I ever needed was always waiting for me — on the other side of forgiveness.
The more I embrace that forgiveness, the more love, and joy I find in my life.
To tell this story, Virginia Marcs teamed up with a long-time friend, MTV VMA-winning editor, and emerging director and producer, Alexander Hammer, to film the video for “I Need You” in upstate New York.
We can only hope this is the first in a series of collaborations between the two artists.
Marcs will release her full-length EP, Reckoning in late summer 2019.
Known for her exhilarating vocals and raw storytelling, Virginia is a sought-after indie-folk-rock performer, a regular on the Queen’s festival circuit, and a member of the Astoria Music Collective.
Fans compare her to Kate Bush, Tori Amos, Janis Joplin, Ani DiFranco, and Adele.
First recognized in 2016 in Idlewild Magazine, Virginia doubled down the following year, crowdfunding her debut album, Climbing the Wall, produced by Katie Buchanan.
Times Ledger and BORO Magazine heralded the record.
Notable recent performances include shows at New York City venues The Bitter End, Rockwood Music Hall, and Bowery Electric and the Venus Envy, Astoria Music Now! Between Two Bridges and Turning Leaves Festivals.
She released the dynamic and hopeful track, “I Need You,” on November 18, 2018, and premiered on Highway 81 Revisited.
Emerging Indie Bandsreview of the single described it as having… “Intricate melodies and immersive vocal… leaving the audience immediately desirous of more.”
The music video, directed and produced by MTV VMA-winning editor, Alexander Hammer, will premiere on February 2, 2019, the same day she embarks on her REUNITED Florida Tour.
Website – Virginia Marcs
Website – Alexander Hammer
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