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Dancing On Tables – Black






Dancing On Tables - Black
Dancing On Tables – Black






Dancing On Tables are a five-piece pop-rock band from Dunfermline, a small town just outside Edinburgh.


Originally friends from school, Robbie, Callum, Hamish, Gregor and Reece named themselves after arriving at a show, without a band name. When asked for their name they noticed that punters were dancing on tables and decided to run with it.


The band rely on a youthful energy and determination, as well as their close ties since school days as the driving force for their sound.


The band were signed early on by US Label LV Music, who went on to release their first single “OH”, followed by the “Space Race” EP. The two releases received support from Wonderland Magazine, Clash Magazine, Shazam and Record of The Day. Spotify’s curation team have also backed the music, resulting in over 1 Million Streams on their platform.


Off the back of overwhelming support, the boys’ live game has gone from strength to strength. Just off the back of a UK tour support with Cassia, the band sold out a number of tour dates across the country.


They’ve also performed at industry melting pots The Great Escape and Live At Leeds festival, all gearing towards their own UK tour later this year.


Live music is an issue that’s incredibly close to the boys’ heart, coming through the grass-roots scene in Scotland, they’ve seen many venues come and go. There’s a rising concern in modern times, that community and culture in the North are being shafted in society.


The new single showcases the undeniable versatility of the band’s sound. It’s a track that ebbs and flows between melancholic and energetic with expert delivery. Vocally, the band have a distinctive character that anchors them to their roots. They’re undeniably, fast becoming one of the UK’s most exciting new Indie-Pop prospects for 2019.












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