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Amelle Rose – Rain

Amelle Rose – Rain
Amelle Rose – Rain
Amelle Rose impacts everyone with the release of a new single entitled ‘Rain’.
Her sharp vocal will intrigue the listener for the first time.
Amelle’s style is extraordinary including the sound.
Good musical work for fans looking for original and fascinating songs.
She is unfailing in her performance.
– Broadtube Music Channel



Depicted through atmospheric reverb-filled guitars and harmonies, this dreamy-sounding power ballad tackles the life changes affecting one’s mental health, comparing it to the changes in weather.
The track aims to portray an attempt to keep a bright outlook on things that make someone unhappy in a hopeful-sounding manner.
Amelle Rose is a 22-year-old French-born alternative indie-folk singer-songwriter based in East London.
Amelle moved from her hometown in France to London aged 19, after a few years building up an online audience through YouTube videos that have racked up to 20,000 views and has since then been perfecting her craft, playing at various venues, and collaborating with fellow musicians around the capital.
Her raw and honest songwriting depicts the vulnerability of the human condition, in a spacious yet intimate way with airy electric guitars laying a dark folk atmosphere.
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