Tim Schou – Acapella







Tim Schou - Acapella

Tim Schou – Acapella






New single by the Danish top artist Tim Schou is called “Acapella”, and was written in Stockholm by Tim Schou, Kim Simonsbacka and hit producer Johan Ramström.


The driving clap-based rhythm will entice you, the acoustic guitars will keep you, the simple melody will get you hooked and the authentic love story will move you. The joyful feeling of springtime romance is inevitable.


“Acapella” is a charming singer-songwriter valentine love song. The autobiographical song is about the girl next door who became Tim Schou’s high school sweetheart, and ended up as the one that got away.


The heartfelt story is depicted in the video, authentically filmed on the actual location, and starring the actual persons, which it implicates.


Tim enjoys the acoustic wave he’s riding at the moment, and is excited to release this ‘Declaration of Love’ for the spring season.


Tim is having great success with the acoustic guitar-driven singer-songwriter genre at the moment.


The EP “Face to Face – Live at the Royal Danish Academy of Music” came out in January, and already generated +440K streams in total.


Tim is right now touring in Denmark and Germany playing more than 30 living room concerts in private homes, and will be supporting Morcheeba on their German tour in February.


Tim Schou is a diligent singer and songwriter, who worked with Felix Jaehn, Thomas Troelsen, Ella Henderson, Alma, Sick Individuals, Anton Hagman (Tim co-wrote the Platinum single “Kiss You Goodbye”), Go Go Berlin, Hitimpulse and many more.


Since the solo debut in 2017, he has been traveling the world, writing songs with practically everyone possible.


Now, after six radio-played singles and an acoustic live EP, the seventh single “Acapella” is hitting the streets…












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