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Creating a stunning video with a catchy song that audience will enjoy requires planning and setting the right goals.


Making a music video is not about targeting a high budget production but the creativity and concept behind making it. You can make something out of nothing with creativity.


Ensure to get it right in all ramifications and not just a catchy song with a poor video or a stunning video but a bad song. It should always be a great song with a great music video.


This is a showbiz and you are spending money so you do not have to go for something less. Record in the best studio that is affordable or work with the best producer you know.


Apply the same strategy when planning to make a music video by working with a good video director that will make a top-notch video for you. Research before spending and always go for the best.


It seems nobody is noting the relevance aspect of the visual again as most artists are releasing a countless amount of songs.


Let us use Late Michael Jackson’s song entitled ‘Thriller’ as an example. The video of ‘Thriller’ is rich of suspense and horror and it can either compel the audience to watch from the beginning to the end or terrify them in such a way it will scare them and they cannot watch without fear but it is memorable.


Song is melodious. The beat is entertaining while he entices the audience with notable dance moves despite the horrific scenes so in the long run audience will have a great video to discuss.


This is a great example of creating a stunning video and a memorable song. A good music video must captivate the audience within the few minutes.


Artists should ground their audio and visual production on creativity and originality. Write a compelling script or powerful storyline that will keep the audience in suspense or creating a question for them and making it complex for them to find the answer in the video. Perceive the audience or listeners as desperate observers searching for extraordinary videos and good songs.


As an entertainer you might thrill your audience with remarkable dance steps or create a terrific storyline that will hook the audience.


A great music video must have something unique that the audience will wish to watch more than a time.


A great video might be rich of choreography, art, colourful background, sharp pictures or terrific graphics as long as it is entertaining and appealing.

Generating the right idea, writing a good storyline and relating it to the lyrics of the songs can suggest the right direction for the video.


Avoid making an old video in a new era or talking too much or long dialogue when the duration of a video is within five minutes or lesser.


Identify your audience by age and location to know the visual that will appeal to them.


Bad graphic, blur pictures, poor background and bad sound can depreciate a video.


Great video must be sharp and well produced. Sound should be clean and audible.


A good video camera will capture a rural location so it will still appeal to the audience so it is sometime not about the location but the video camera.


Ensure excellent colour grading of the video. Work with a good makeup artist and a good choreographer. Use beautiful costumes that will enhance the visual and choose colours that will appeal to the audience at a glance.


Just as an artist is looking for a good music producer also applies to looking for a good music director.

With a great video and a catchy song, plugging your music video won’t be a waste of money because you will know you have something extraordinary to offer.


Avoid a situation where a scene would not display in full on the screen.

Ensure there is enough lighting and the scenes are not too dark to watch.


Humour is another way of engaging the audience by making a funny music video that will make them laugh.


Playing live and filming is less appealing because audience are looking forward to something thrilling that will put them in suspense.


Everything lies on the creativity and professionalism of the music director producing the music video. Go for an excellent music director that can make something out of nothing.


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