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Katie Ainge – Ashes


Katie Ainge – Ashes
Katie Ainge – Ashes
Katie Ainge describes music as colors on a canvas. She creates an extraordinary composition and imagery.
Ainge’s tune has a soothing acoustical quality to it while the powerful lyrics draw you in.
Not scared to disclose the truth and making no attempts to sugarcoat reality her songs ring home to the listener. This becomes obvious during her live performances when she delivers her music with deep emotion.
Katie has been performing ever since she can remember.
She began her musical journey at a young age by taking piano lessons and she was so enthusiastic that she would skip ahead through lessons and memorize all the songs in every book.
At the same time, she also took part in children’s choirs and loved performing. After her first experiences on stage, she knew that is where she fits.
She played the clarinet in elementary school and then switched to the oboe in middle school.
Her grandfather played the bass guitar during the 60s in an Akron, Ohio band called the “Blues Society” and loved to tell stories of those times and the big-name musicians he played with. When he passed away her older sister bought a bass guitar to help remember him.
Katie picked up that bass guitar at age 11 and fell in love with Jazz music. She played in her middle school, high school, and college jazz bands. Katie also played the bass in a few projects.
Katie wrote her first song “Walk Away” when she was 14 and couldn’t stop writing music after that.
Katie was playing in bands and writing songs on her own while collaborating with other musicians.
It was challenging to write songs when playing the bass guitar, so she switched back to the piano, and then her brother taught her to play the acoustic guitar, and the music poured out.
For four years Katie traveled with The Extreme Tour doing shows for at-risk youth in small towns across the USA.
They would play in churches, parking lots, skate parks, coffee shops, wherever there was an audience that wanted to hear great music.
She learned to perfect her stage show during that time she had on the road.
Since then she has been performing around the West from winning Humphrey’s Back Stage Songwriting contest in San Diego, California, to The House of Blues in New Orleans, Los Angeles.
Over the past few years, Katie discovered that she loved Folk music and changed her music to fit that genre.
She found a Folk / Americana band to play the mandolin and sing while experimenting with a new sound.
Katie found her way to her new style. She has recorded four CD’s with each one unique, but in 2018, has released a three-song E.P. that is groundbreaking for her new Folk sound, with a lot more music to come.
Songwriting has always been Katie’s true passion. She has won many songwriting contests, including International Song of the Year in the Christian Category.
The hit TV show “The Fosters” in March 2018 featured her song “Fond of You” in the season finale.
“For me, music is like colors on a canvas. When I hear music I see color.” Katie has said. “Writing songs is like this thing inside of me dying to get out.”
Katie loves to perform live and finds herself at home on stage with just her acoustic guitar and passionate voice.  She says, “It is the place where I am most comfortable, and where I fit in this big world.”
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