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Kfir – Outta Love


Kfir – Outta Love
Kfir – Outta Love
Artist Name – Kfir
Song Title – Outta Love
Genre – Pop
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Kfir has released a second single entitled “Outta Love” from the artist’s fierce new E.P. “Free Delivery.”
It could be said that Kfir’s entire life has led up to this moment. From being raised by his mother who was a professional singer to performing in Phantom of the Opera on Broadway, Kfir has always been surrounded by music and art.
His release, “Outta Love” puts a seductive, melodious spin on his meaningful lyrics.
“Outta Love” released on Valentine’s Day, following the soaring success of his first single “Drama Queen”.
With his “James Bond Pop” vibe and honest lyrics, “Outta Love” conveys the mature, soulful delivery that will drive Kfir towards a successful career, while taking the risks necessary to create true art.
The highly anticipated EP “Free Delivery” was released shortly after the single, with plenty of visual and audio content tailor-made for music lovers.
“Free Delivery” was created with friend and producer Pablo San Martin and co-written with Javier Cardellino.
He collaborated closely to create a provocative, full-bodied sound that puts forth a message of freedom, bravery, and pure entertainment.



Kfir on his work:
“I feel like this is my most mature and fun writing to date – A total departure from my past sound since I started writing music.
I called the EP “Free Delivery” for two reasons: While I wasn’t sure what I was going to name it; I was hunted on the subway by a red free delivery sign.
When I finally thought about it, I realized that my writings on the E.P. are totally honest with the subject matter, and for me, it was a free delivery of the truth.
With no filters or trying to edit myself in order to fit in, I created the music for me first!
I just wrote honest lyrics and themes in hopes that the material will touch someone the way it touched me!”
Free Delivery E.P. was written by Kfir M. Danieli, Javier Cardellino, and Benjamin Samama and was produced and mixed by Pablo San Martin. The E.P. was recorded at Esoteric Studios in Brooklyn, New York.



About Kfir
Kfir is a music performance artist currently based in New York, New York.
His musically diverse upbringing instilled a love of music and performance that grew with him.
Kfir has spent his life pursuing his passions, which took him from his classical ballet training to Broadway, to now releasing his first EP.
Kfir developed himself as an artist writing poetry, eventually expanding upon that and adding music to his words.
After his dance mix single “Heart After Dark” went to number six on the UK pop charts, he was able to raise the money he needed to fund his newest endeavor, “Free Delivery”.


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