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Nate Rose – Da Dum


Nate Rose – Da Dum
Nate Rose – Da Dum
Artist Name – Nate Rose
Song Title – Da Dum
Genre – Hip/Rap
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LP Nashville rapper Nate Rose is thrilled to release his self-produced LP, The Nefarious Few.
A conceptual experience from start to finish, The Nefarious Few LP highlights key figures that have come and gone throughout Rose’s life.
The one thing they all have in common – leaving a wicked impression on him.
Rose tells the story of a different nefarious character in each of the LP’s 8 songs.
Just as each character brought out different thoughts and emotions in Rose, so too will each track give different emotional experiences to listeners. Whether soft and ethereal or hard and gritty, each song is a standout with vivid imagery and a unique vibe.
“This is, by far, my favorite body of work to date,” says Rose. “I think this project is a great representation of my journey and the people who have played a nefarious role in it.”
The project will be accompanied by two music videos, each conceptualized, directed, and edited by Rose.



Nate Rose is a hip-hop artist and creative often referred to as the “James Bond” of rap for his debonair demeanor and emphasis on intellect. Exploring relationships, business, and politics, Rose touches on topics with a fresh perspective backed by tasteful instrumentals and eloquent delivery.
Rose began pursuing his passion for music at the early age of 15.
His lack of experience and capital created obstacles, but his drive and ambition pushed him to overcome through teaching himself every skill he needed to become successful.
Rose learned to produce and engineer music, design graphics, create music videos, market content, and navigate the music industry.
After graduating high school, Rose continued his music education at Middle Tennessee State University where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Music Business.
It’s been nine years since his journey began, and Rose still prioritizes learning.
Today, the Tennessee native owns and operates three businesses within the music industry, all of which he was able to create because of the skills he taught himself.
Earmilk says, “Tennessee’s best-kept secret, Nate Rose, is the Bond-esque rapper we’ve been craving.”
However, “Tennessee’s best-kept secret” has become anything but a secret.
Over the past year, Rose’s music has been featured in TV commercials for a variety of popular brands including Tostitos, the MLB, and Kingsford Charcoal.
His music has also been featured in thousands of promotions for influencers and organizations such as the Miami Dolphins, Dele Alli, Call Of Duty, Fashion Nova, and Gary Vee. Partnering with these brands has brought Rose international attention.
Along with these key placements, Rose has accumulated more than five million combined streams across listening platforms with no label backing or external investments.
This stream count is complemented by his strong social media presence totaling over 50,000 combined followers across major platforms.
Social media allows Rose to keep in constant contact with his fans. He makes it a point to engage with all comments, messages, and tags, which has helped him build a loyal, passionate fan base.
HipHopDX says, “[Nate Rose] is definitely an artist worth follow…on and off Twitter.”
Rose not only interacts with fans over social media, but he also engages with fans at his shows. From meet-and-greets and Q&A sessions to explosive performances and on-stage antics, Rose ensures his fans know that they are his priority.
“My creative process is a selfish one,” says Nate. “I write from my personal experiences. However, when I’m on stage is where it is no longer about me.
My sole purpose at that moment is to provide the most entertaining show that I can for the people that paid their hard-earned dollars to see me.
It is a humbling experience, knowing that you are reciprocating that energy back to the people that make my career as an artist possible. It really is a beautiful thing.”
Beautiful things are definitely in store for Rose in the coming year. He is seeing undeniable growth in every area of his career including his brand partnerships, streaming counts, and social media following.
He is also continuing to better himself by improving his business acumen, music skills, and creative abilities.
Rose is making constant progress toward his end goal of earning a living doing what he loves and encouraging his fans to do the same.

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