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Hurricane – Pain in your Eyes


Hurricane - Pain in your Eyes
Hurricane – Pain in your Eyes



Hurricane drops a fascinating video for the smash hit entitled ‘Pain in your Eyes.’


The song features the combination of the angelic vocals of the female vocalists from Serbia with an electronic dance boom.


The instrumentation is energetic, driving and entertaining.


The lyrics of the songs are straightforward, and the song is symphonic.


The video is simple and appealing.


Choreography is exceptional and compelling.


Performance is incredible.


Costumes are smooth.


The music video features the three artists as the actresses and dancers with a male actor but the video is inviting.


Lighting is not so bright.



Following their Serbian roots and zeal for R&B culture, Sanja Vucic, Ivana Nikolic and Ksenija Knezevic gathered into a female group HURRICANE with the plan to show their music and commence with their international careers simultaneously.


Hurricane girls are exceptional with their style, charms, and perfect arrangements and their songs are being played on the radio stations all around the world especially in USA, UK, Australia, South Africa, Germany, Netherlands, France, India, Serbia…



Ivana Nikolić was delivered in a city in the south of Serbia, called Niš.


Ivana is a Serbian professional dancer and has won numerous national championships.


She commenced her singing carrier in 2016.


“Music is in everything and everywhere! The goal is to be persistent and to be better every day and closer to the top. We perform throughout music and dance, and we do it with love and passion.”

– Ivana Nikolić



Ksenija Knezevic originated from Montenegrin but she was delivered in Serbia’s capital city, Belgrade.


Ksenija Knezevic is a Serbian singer, best recognized as a backing vocalist for Montenegro at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2015.


“Music is my first love, my profession, my hobby! I truly believe this project is a unique chance to fulfill all my dreams, with perfect vocals and visual aesthetics that as a group make us unique.”

– Ksenija Knezevic



Sanja Vucic was delivered in a city in the south of Serbia. Sanja Vucic is a distinguished Serbian singer. She is best recognized for representing Serbia at the Eurosong Contest in 2016.


“Music represents something deeper—a love of unrealistic and non-existing boundaries.  The goal is to achieve near perfection, the full potential of technique and voice. Combined with dance and stage presence!”

– Sanja Vucic








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