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Megan Black – Fur Coat Queen


Megan Black – Fur Coat Queen
Megan Black – Fur Coat Queen


Artist Name – Megan Black


Song Title – Fur Coat Queen














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After receiving singing lessons as a gift from one of her family members who overheard her singing at age fourteen, Megan has been composing her own music and performing it ever since.


She received her first ever paid gig when she was merely fifteen and since then has played in venues across Scotland including King Tuts Wah Wah Hut, La Belle Angele and The Hug and Pint.


She has taken inspiration from artists from many genres (jazz, rock, blues, pop) which helped to establish her unique sound of a new take on old styles.


As she grew as a songwriter, her interests in spirituality, philosophy, and literature seeped into her work.


Her ‘hippy’ stage persona developed from influences such as Stevie Nicks and Florence Welch.


Throughout her teenage years, she discovered more about her sexuality and sexual orientation and felt it was important that she included it in her music.


She has played at LGBT events and incorporated a drag aesthetic into her stage presence through her fashion.


Intertwining feminine and masculine identities, much like Lady Gaga and David Bowie, has allowed Megan to challenge stereotypes…


Her new single ‘Fur Coat Queen’ is a way of her understanding her sexuality and being able to love herself.


Megan also explained:

“It represents the empowerment I received from other people and, in particular, other women… Women battle against one another these days… on the likes of social media and even within the music industry. My experience has taught me that when women support one another…”


The aim of this song is to motivate other women to love themselves and work together to gain the recognition they deserve.


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