Beautiful Thing – Animal


Beautiful Thing - Animal

Beautiful Thing – Animal


Artist Name – Beautiful Thing


Song Title – Animal










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Beautiful Thing are a UK alternative soul clique oversaw by singer-songwriter Joseph Bernie and guitarist Lucas Polo.


They have been evolving over the past twenty-four months and prominent for their soaring vocals and wide-screen music.


The group come back with their next after the first single, ’Animal’, put together by the same crew that coined the group’s premier ‘Waiting’: Sean Genockey (Shame, Roger Daltrey), Faithless drummer Andy Treacey and Belgian guitarist-producer Jo Cassiers.


The subject matter of the composition weighs around sexual desire, much to the detriment of the narrator, the toxicity of the relationship is clear, though asks the question; can pleasure outweigh pain?


A timeless pop chorus possesses a higher commercial appeal than the debut single, a sprawling underground journey of trip-hop, yet keeps the musician’s ear for nuance and a groove that begs to blast out of your car stereo on a nighttime drive.


Featuring Magpie Salute singer John Hogg on bass guitar locking in with Andy Treacey on the backbeat, ‘Animal’ evolves to a beautiful heavenly moment that gives Joseph’s voice room to explore the atmosphere before crashing back to earth…


Working together with the players of London’s musical underground and now Detroit following a month’s trip to the USA in January, the group will curate several shows with their new allies, in the lead up to the festival season, covering spoken word, poetry performance art and dance…


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