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Denis Coleman – Imperfect







Denis Coleman – Imperfect
Denis Coleman – Imperfect










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Denis Coleman thrills with his youthful and heavenly vocals that keep his listeners engaged for long.


Denis proves to be a gifted artist with the release of the video for the song entitled ‘Imperfect.’


Good lighting adds to the value of the video.


The song is tuneful.


Denis is here to stay as one of the promising artists.


Fifteen-year-old Denis Coleman is a young pop sensation.


He has been honing his musical profession from the age of four and the multi-instrumentalist even created his first original song aged ten.


London based Denis is born in the States and he has been learning at the Royal College of Music Junior Department for the past six years learning Violin and Composition.


Denis has earlier caught the eyes of talent scouts, after winning Open Mic UK / Future Music’s Songwriter of The Year competition in 2017, where he beat hundreds of songwriters from across the country to come first place.


Denis has co-written tracks with Okan, Jamie Sellers, Martin Luke Brown, and Raphaella to name a few…


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