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Dez – Epic Vibes

Dez – Epic Vibes
Dez – Epic Vibes
SONG TITLE:  Epic Vibes
GENRE: Rap/ Hip-Hop
Tell us about you.
My full name is Desmond Martel Lewis but my artist/producer’s name is Dez.
I am the founder of Martel Productions. I was born and raised in Mullins, SC.
I’ve been blessed to have music on both sides of my family with my mom being a singer and my dad being a musician; so I realized early on that I would be in music someday; I just didn’t know what path I was going to take.
Over the years of becoming a musician in my own right, as well as a music and record producer, I have developed a perspective that embraces different genres.
One of the most important things that I’ve learned in music is that everyone has something to give. There is no right or wrong way to approach music. It’s about self-expression, staying true to yourself, and sharing a piece of you to the rest of the world; and capturing the emotions and the experiences the best way you can, and present it in a way that is relatable to others. So, with that being said, I would love to share my perspective on how music should sound or the way it should feel. I bring my very best in my music, so please embrace and listen to the perspective of Martel Productions.


Discuss how you develop your melody.
I develop my melody with keys first. It doesn’t matter what type of sound it is. It can be an actual piano sound or some sort of soundscape to get that foundation. The foundation always lets me know where I should go next.


Tell us your source of inspiration.
My source of inspiration comes from anywhere; from an artist all the way to a commercial.  I am a free spirit when it comes to creating music because it allows me to let it happen organically. That way, the end result has the potential to exceed my own expectations.


Tell us the most memorable experience in your music career.
My most memorable experience was being able to meet different people in the industry and just observing them, and just grabbing gems of information that I can use to build my brand.


Discuss how you build your beat.
Every time I build a beat, I think of the type of beat that I would like to create first, and then see if I could find that melody or sounds that help me get that foundation. For me, it’s all about foundation.


Tell us how you ensure your music inspires others.
I ensure that my music inspires others by just creating music that simply makes you feel good. Making someone feel emotions when listening to a beat or full song should make the composer or artist feel fulfilled in that regard because when you actually release the music, you’re allowing the consumers or listeners to feel the way you felt when you created it.
Another way that I ensure my music would inspire others is by maximizing my creativity in every beat or in every song; making sure that I added every single element that is complementing the record. Once I do that, I’m satisfied, and I just let it go.


Discuss the relevance of promotion to the music business.
Promotion is a HUGE part of the music business. That’s how we as musicians are being heard. No one knows about your music unless you put yourself out there, and promote it, and you have to be consistent in that regard; allowing your fan base to grow and follow your movement. You have to be well established, and globally known to have that ability to succeed with your music without any promotions.


Tell us what you will do apart from music.
I will probably be more of an entrepreneur and become an investor; buying shares of things that can produce wealth and create a massive residual income over a period of time. Most of that would probably happen when fame comes…
I would also give back to the community that I grew up in and other communities as well and one day I would be an inspiration to many people around the world.
List the names of the instruments you can play.
I play the piano and I also play drums a bit. I’m currently interested in bass and acoustic guitar, but we’ll see how that plays out.


Tell us if you have any music background.
I’ve been blessed to have music on both sides of my family with my mom being a singer and my dad being a musician in the church so that plays a huge part in my growing up and as well as my position in music today.


Tell us the piece of advice you will give to a new artist on entering the music chart.
The best piece of advice that I would give a new artist is honing the craft first – That instills a great work ethic in an artist, and also just constantly promote yourself. Invest in yourself. If you won’t invest and believe in yourself, then no one else will.


Elaborate on melody and rhythm.
Melody and rhythm are a big deal, and it’s part of the definition of music.  It talks to you. It also gives you direction. It gives you a vibe, a perspective on what’s going on and what should be going on in a song. It also gives the listener something to remember – Having that catchy element in a song always helps when you’re presenting your craft to the world.


State your future goals.
My future goals are to have my music placed in many professional areas such as TV/Film, Movies, Games, and Record Labels, etc. What better feeling than listening to something on television, or radio that you created. I will continue to build my brand and invest in myself to make sure I get there.


Share your recording experience with us.
My recording experience has been great thus far. I’m learning new tips and new ways to “paint the picture” and it only gets better from here.


Tell us the most difficult part of the recording.
The most difficult part of recording is making sure you got the absolute best out of that recording as much as possible. From the engineer to the artist expressing different emotions and sharing experiences, having that connection and vibe with the two is essential to any recording, but that’s also what makes it beautiful.


Discuss the greatest mistake you have ever made in your music career.
Having material and content, and not sharing it. Not promoting it enough. That can be a mistake with any musician or artist. Everything is about timing and positioning though. It has to be the right time and place to promote and position a particular song. It’s all a strategic game.


Tell us how you build up your composition.
I create a foundation with any piece of music that I’m doing which starts with a melody and rhythm. Again, melody and rhythm are very important. It sets the tone and it has a voice. We as musicians have to listen to that voice.


Discuss the relevance of music.
Music is one of the biggest industries that make the world go round.
Everyone can relate to music from the lyrics to the instrumentation. There are some businesses that can’t thrive without it.
Sometimes we often use music to express and explain our emotions when we can’t necessarily find the words to say. It will remain relevant forever.


Elaborate on the song.
The instrumental Epic Vibes derives from the style of music that I normally create.
I am capable of creating beats of many genres but I love making beats that I feel that is album and single-worthy. When I create music like this, I envision a lyrical artist to paint pictures and use wordplay in their verses. You know the bar for bar lyrics. I was thinking of North Carolina’s own J-Cole when I made this. I just thought he would be a good fit for the track. The sound is epic, powerful, and full of confidence.


Elaborate on your artist name and the title of the album.
My full name is Desmond Martel Lewis, so my friends and family call me Des for short; so I just kept the name and changed a letter. I don’t have an album yet but maybe in the future. When I create songs of my own, it’ll be an R&B project.

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