Jean-Mikhael – Senorita


Jean-Mikhael – Senorita

Jean-Mikhael – Senorita


Jean-Mikhael – Senorita














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“I leave my stamp everywhere I go” states Jean-Mikhael with quiet confidence. “I would never want someone to hear me on the radio and for them to say ‘who’s that?’”


JM was born into a house bursting with creativity. His Grenadian-born mother worked as Boney M.’s hair stylist back in the day and passed on the tales of Jean-Mikhael’s late granddad – a saxophonist who played in Chicago’s live music scene – to the rest of the family.


His dad, who lives in France was likewise musical, he was with relatives from day one mastering everything from making ballet shoes to playing the accordion. “Everything was creative,” he explains.


It’s a lesson JM has carried with him to the present day. And taking influence from Michael Jackson – whose shoes he occupied for eight months as a young actor – he constantly looks up to Prince, Beyoncé, and TLC; all great artistic powerhouses who command stages with the sheer force of their personalities, express themselves with bold fashion, and who refuse to operate within boxes.


“Everything has to be a show,” he says. “As an artist, the image is everything.”


Jean-Mikhael’s debut EP, ‘The Deal,’ is all about boundless expression.


Theatricality and stunning visuals center his music; a distinct melting pot of sensual R&B, intimate songwriting and inventive, glossy pop production.


JM’s songwriting draws on past troubles and emerges from the storm with his head held high.


This is an EP that strikes the refresh button, presenting a brand new piece of unheard music to get stuck into, and the first chunky taste of what Jean-Mikhael is all about.


And looking forward, JM typically has his eyes on the next creative endeavour. “I’m already thinking about the next thing,” he says. “You need to think, how can I better it?”


“No filters” is an apt description for ‘The Deal’ and JM as a whole, too.


Influenced by striking conceptual art and high fashion alike, Jean-Mikhael doesn’t believe in style over substance. For him, style is substance instead.


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