JAMi2 – What Do You Want?


JAMi2 - What Do You Want?

JAMi2 – What Do You Want?


JAMi2 drops a great music video for the song entitled ‘What do you want?.’


The unique concept of the video is amazing.


JAMi2 is a two-piece electro swing band from Belgrade that combines soulful vocals, stompin’ beats, brassy riffs, and a dash of some good old Balkan spice.


The song reveals the story of the lead singer ‘Georgie’, known previously as Djixx from SevdahBaby, and the award-winning music producer Dejan Pejovic, now called ‘Uncle.’


Coming from humble beginnings, the young lead singer had to work her way to becoming a star. From shaving an old man to bathing him, Georgie worked as a maid who never gave up on her big dreams of becoming a Marilyn Monroe type of a Hollywood star. Little did she know that years later, the dynamic electro swing duo would be born, along with their diabolical master plan of bringing a fresh and funky fever to the world with an infectious gypsy-styled “gangsta glam” band that is JAMi2.


Born into a family of classical musicians, Georgie has had musical superpowers from a young age, with lungs that are known to create their own weather patterns.


As for Uncle, his musical journey began way back in the 90s, grinding on the organ before turning his attention to production and composition.


“We actually met while working together at a jam factory. One day, I just felt like saying “Man, I love jam,” and Uncle, who speaks funny, said “Jam? I too!” Since then, we’ve been spreading our shared love for jammin’ together, infecting one country at a time.” – Georgie


JAMi2’s master plan is to combine elements of gypsy jazz with soulful English vocals and an electro-swing beat to create a whole new East-meets-West sound.


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