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Grayscale – In Violet

Grayscale – In Violet
Grayscale – In Violet
Grayscale – In Violet
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Grayscale will release their new album ‘Nella Vita’ via Fearless Records on 06 September 2019.
‘In Violet’ is a new single from the expected new album.
The song underscores what could be a morbid theme with lush keys, a sweeping riff, a horn section, and a life-affirming hook, “Bury me in violet… leave this wonderful place.” Vocalist Collin Walsh continues “When I die, I want people to celebrate my life and enjoy each other’s togetherness, rather than mourn my death in a miserable way. I’ve dealt with a lot of loss and long episodes of grief the past couple of years, and it made me realize how much it can wear on you. When I go, I want everyone to celebrate, sing, laugh, and dress in violet.”
Under the heavy influence of everything from 90s rock to funk, and a rotation of modern hip-hop and R&B, Grayscale dove headfirst into writing ‘Nella Vita’ and at the top of 2019, the guys traded their hometown of Philadelphia for Austin, TX, holing up in the Machine Shop alongside producer MACHINE (Lamb of God, As It Is, Armor For Sleep, Four Year Strong).
The resulting collection of songs is one that sees the band chronicling the life, its many facets, and its many complications, as they themselves have experienced.
‘In Violet’ follows the bittersweet first single from the album – ‘Painkiller Weather’ – a story about being in love with someone who cannot free themselves from their vice.
Throughout ‘Nella Vita’, the quintet explores themes of sex, drugs, death, despair, and everything that embodies life, through a lens that, though far from rose-tinted, finds a lot of positivity in surviving the darkest of experiences.
The title of the album itself – ‘Nella Vita’ – and its twelve songs are a veritable journey that’s both pensive and cathartic.
Grayscale manage to bring out the light in the dark and much of the album taps a pop-sensibility that will have you singing along and empathizing with the lyrics in no time.
“It’s really personal,” explains Walsh, when speaking about ‘Nella Vita.’ “The music provokes a lot of visuals because it’s very conversational, real, and romantic. I suppose that’s just how I write. The songs capture the spectrum of emotions you experience in life and real experiences like love, sex, being a teenager, addiction, pain, joy, grief, death, and everything. Life isn’t just one thing; neither is music. We’re a rock band, but we want people to dance, laugh, cry, and have fun.”

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