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Celeste – Coco Blood

Celeste – Coco Blood
Celeste – Coco Blood
Celeste – Coco Blood
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Celeste drops a dramatic video for the song entitled ‘Coco Blood’ from the ‘Lately’ EP.
She shocks her listeners with her raw vocal while the delivery of her words is noteworthy.
Celeste creates a timeless piece of music with this tuneful song.



Born in the U.S. but raised in the U.K., soulful R&B vocalist Celeste Waite channels influences such as Aretha Franklin and Billie Holiday to crafting languid, jazzy numbers with her compelling voice and poetic lyrics.
Emerging in the late 2010s, she released her first official short-player, The Milk & The Honey, before signing with the majors for her follow-up, 2019’s ‘Lately.’
Not long after she was born in Los Angeles, the artist who performs as Celeste returned to Essex with her British mother.
Surrounded by eclectic characters and unique experiences that informed her young life; the struggles of being biracial in a homogenous town shaped her.
Celeste and her mother moved to Brighton, where daily church attendance helped strengthen her vocals while singing hymns.
In the secular pop sphere, Celeste fell in love with Franklin, Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, the Supremes, Destiny’s Child, and Solange.
Her personal poetry evolved into song and, by the time she enrolled in college, she pursued music.
Away from school, Celeste started jamming with friends, playing soul, funk, and jazz while covering the likes of Sly & the Family Stone, the Clash, the Specials, the Moody Blues, Alice Coltrane, Janis Joplin, Thelonious Monk, Ray Charles, and more.
She made her live debut with that eclectic, genre-spanning blend and things took off from there, for the young singer.
In 2017, she released “Daydreaming” from the three-track set The Milk & The Honey on Lily Allen’s Bank Holiday label. Smoky and sensual, her songs distilled her varied influences while resembling the style of artists such as Alicia Keys, Adele, Erykah Badu, and Floetry.
Years later, her single “Both Sides of the Moon” – featuring backing by Gotts Street Park (Kali Uchis, Rejjie Snow) – landed on her 2019 EP, (Both Sides/Polydor). The short set also included the Gotts-backed title track and “Summer” with rapper Jeshi.
– Neil Z. Yeung, Rovi

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