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Lusive – Slimy

Lusive – Slimy
Lusive – Slimy
Artist Name:  Lusive
Song Title:  Slimy
Genre:  Hip-Hop
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In a world where it’s difficult to find an “Icon” Lusive began turning to music in order to express his lively soul and his creative skill.
Lusive is presenting himself as a musical icon that will bring that refreshing conscious music back with a punchy hip-hop flow blended with a touch of jazz. This can explain to you why Lusive learned the piano and violin at a young age.
Lusive is one of the greatest performance artists ever displayed in an urban genre.
Lusive can blend musical backgrounds with his unique sound and style to create an epic experience.
He has accomplished a wide fan base through his versatile in-depth music…
The North East Bronx was the starting point for Lusive’ who embraces hip hop but continues to have different musical influences such as classical, blues, pop, and RnB. Those influences led to the release of his latest LP “The Interlude.”
With his single “Regulate” burning up NYC. Earlier this year he released an Ep “Frxx Lovx” on Valentine’s Day catered to his female fans. Now the summer of 2019 he heats the wave with his new Ep “Frxx Vibez.

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