Ines Herrmann – Final Enemy







Ines Herrmann – Final Enemy

Ines Herrmann – Final Enemy






Artist Name: Ines Herrmann


Song Title: Final Enemy














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Ines Herrmann is an Indie artist and songwriter from Germany creating song scenes from her compelling voice. You embark on what we can characterize dreamy, beautiful, jazzy and dark and edgy.


She is living in Dresden, Germany and touring Europe but has played at clubs and bars in Ireland and the US before. She’s most compared to Regina Spektor, Norah Jones, LP, and Amy MacDonald.


Multiple reviewers note the dark timbre of her voice and the diversity of her songs.


In 2018, she released her first produced Single “Stone Eyes”, co-written with Breagh MacKinnon (Port Cities) and Christian Brähler (Lasse Reinstroem), which reached more than 7k streams, followed by her EP “Phoenix” in 2019.


Her newest single “Final Enemy” is a preview to her upcoming EP “Thunder” which will come out in fall 2019. Ines Herrmann works with producer Frank Reinemann and is teaming up with band members for touring.


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